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FGA Research Finds New Association Health Plans Produced Savings Of Up To 29% On Average

Naples, FL –Newly created Association Health Plans (AHPs) have provided affordable and high-quality coverage to millions of Americans, with savings of up to 29 percent on average, according to new research published by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). 

After the Trump administration expanded AHPs to new entrepreneurs and businesses, newly formed plans emerged across the country. From Nevada to Vermont, these AHPs have provided quality coverage to participants with significant cost savings. From lower premiums to broader networks, newly created AHPs have helped level the playing field for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and business associations, empowering them to provide affordable health insurance to their employees.

The new AHPs also abide by a vast array of consumer protections, including required coverage of those with pre-existing conditions. Additionally, these AHPs have offered greater plan choice and more health options to participants, just as limited individual market plans force consumers into narrower networks.

“The expansion of AHPs under the Trump administration has been a tremendous success for businesses and employees alike,” said Hayden Dublois, research analyst at FGA and the paper’s author. “AHPs represent a promising trend for affordable and comprehensive health coverage for millions of Americans in the future.”

Read the full paper here.


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