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FGA Reacts to the Trump Administration’s Proposed 2020 Budget

Naples, FL — The White House today released a 2020 budget framework that calls for significant reforms to America’s welfare and health care systems while putting forth policies that promote work, preserve resources for the truly needy, and take advantage of the current economy.

Promotes Work and Integrity in America’s Welfare System

The budget proposal calls for cohesive work requirements across welfare programs aimed at moving more Americans from welfare into self-sufficiency. It also promotes more state control over the Medicaid program and calls for increased Medicaid eligibility checks in an effort to crack down on Medicaid spending and ensure funds reach the truly needy populations for which they were intended. With no real incentive in place for individuals to leave the program, the welfare system has transformed from a safety net originally intended to serve the truly needy into a trap for able-bodied adults, many of whom report no income.

Makes Health Insurance More Affordable for Consumers and Small Businesses

The budget supports several initiatives to empower states and consumers to regain control over health insurance with increased affordability and consumer choices. FGA applauds the Trump administration for its commitment to innovative health care reforms like association health plans and short-term plans that will provide millions of uninsured Americans with affordable coverage options.

Expands Alternative Opportunities for Work 

The budget creates a renewed focus on apprenticeships, a proven earn-while-you-learn strategy that equips workers with the skills they need to fill open, high-paying jobs. Research shows that apprenticeships provide a successful, alternative path to employment, with 90 percent of those who finish an expanded apprenticeship obtaining a job.

“This budget lays the foundation to help more Americans experience the power of work and opens the door to more affordable, more widely-available health insurance,” said Kristina Rasmussen, vice president of federal affairs at FGA. “The Trump administration has outlined a plan to move government out of the way, take down nonsensical barriers to work, and promote a safety net that encourages upward mobility to empower more Americans to win.”


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