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US employers desperately need workers. Let’s help millions of adults stuck on food stamps move into jobs

Since he took office, President Trump has been clear in his message that unemployed adults capable of working should expect welfare changes designed to move them off welfare and into jobs.

“Millions lifted from welfare to work is not too much to expect,” President Trump told a joint session of Congress in February.

Early signals from the Trump administration are positive signs that it is moving forward with this commitment. That’s a good thing, because with more than 6 million open jobs in the country right now, employers desperately need adults to trade in their welfare applications for job applications. 

President Trump’s proposed budget demonstrates his commitment to making this a reality by making changes to the way the food stamp program (officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is administered, closing bureaucratic loopholes that accelerated the growth in food stamp caseloads.

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By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.