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Don’t let ‘welfare for all’ advocates derail administration’s food stamp program reforms

No one thinks millionaires, or millions of people with thousands of dollars in the bank, should get food stamps. Except, apparently, the “squad” of far-left, welfare-for-all advocates in Congress.

I recently testified before a congressional committee on a proposed Trump administration rule that would stop people with significant assets from getting food stamps, also known as SNAP. Bureaucrats in the Clinton and Obama administrations created a loophole that let states give away benefits to more than 5 million people who are not eligible by federal law, including millionaires.

That’s what I talked about during the hearing. Democrats on the committee and my progressive counterparts on the panel, on the other hand, used this opportunity to inexplicably talk about how the Trump administration is denying low-income students school lunches—an unrelated and untrue assessment of what’s happening. But when you’re out of arguments, you grasp at anything you can to further your agenda.

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