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Biden Saved Us 16 Cents — While Harming Small Businesses

In case you missed it, the Biden administration saved you 16 cents. In a recent tweet, the White House cited a Farm Bureau report and declared the cost of an Independence Day BBQ was down 16 cents from one year ago—proof, they say, “the Biden economic plan is working.”  

If you buy groceries, pump your own gas, or spend money at all these days, it’s not lost on you how misleading this statement is. Prices have increased and continue to rise. While the administration celebrated the price of sliced cheese decreasing by one percentage point from last year, more relevant numbers tell quite a different story about how the administration’s policies are affecting American families.  

In the month of May alone, consumer prices increased 5%—the largest jump since 2008. Gas prices are up an average of 95 cents a gallon from one year ago. A record 9.3 million jobs remain open, yet the federal government continues to pay people not to work.  

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