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New 2016 Poll: Welfare Work Requirements Are a Winner

Ronald Reagan once said that the best social program is a job. He was right. In the history of civilization, work has proven to be the most effective way to lift people out of poverty. But sadly, many social programs, ostensibly intended to eliminate poverty, punish work rather than promote it.

Perhaps even worse, a plethora of states have eroded work requirements in programs where they already exist: for most of this year, more than 40 states waived the requirement that able-bodied adults with no children work at least 20 hours a week in order to receive food stamps.

At first glance, this policy change may seem compassionate or inconsequential. It’s neither. A lack of work requirements strengthens the grip of the poverty trap and makes it even more difficult for Americans to climb the economic ladder. Thankfully, some states are leading the charge to reverse this trend.

Read the full article at Town Hall by Nic Horton.

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