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Opinion: These gimmicks are keeping millions of Americans on welfare

Almost one year ago, a report was published that highlighted astonishing findings: states were abusing federal loopholes to waive food stamp work requirements for as many able-bodied adults as possible. Despite federal law requiring most childless, able-bodied adults work, train, or volunteer at least part-time, states were using gimmicks to waive the requirement.

Recently, a new report from the Foundation for Government Accountability was published, and the results are worrisome: states are still exploiting loopholes to waive work requirements.

In January, over 1,100 jurisdictions were waived. Out of these, only 23 had unemployment rates at or above 10 percent. Congress intended for these waivers to be for areas with unemployment rates above 10 percent and expected them to be limited. But at the end of the Clinton administration, USDA created new rules that allow states to combine as many areas as possible, even those with low unemployment rates, to waive work requirements.

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