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Want jobs? Nebraska reforms have more people working, fewer on welfare and food stamps

Pete Ricketts has said his parents taught him a simple truth: Every job is important, so whatever you do, be the best you can be at it. As governor of Nebraska, Ricketts is living that lesson by setting a standard for governors around the country with policies that make it easier for Nebraskans to get back to work.

Under Ricketts’ leadership, Nebraska has made giant strides in removing barriers to work and entrepreneurship. He’s made it easier for more people to find jobs, and he’s made it easier for businesses to create lots of good jobs. The results have been undeniable – Forbes recently ranked the state as the fourth-best place to do business.

Why should you care about this if you don’t live in Nebraska? Because Ricketts’ success in Nebraska can serve as a roadmap that other states can follow to get people working by moving them more quickly from unemployment to reemployment, transitioning able-bodied adults from welfare to work, and removing unnecessary barriers to work by recognizing the needs of employers.

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