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Big Brother Is Driving the Worker Shortage

There’s no shortage of explanations offered for the ongoing worker shortage — a shortage that has left our nation with more than 11 million unfilled jobs. Some blame delayed or early retirements. Others point to unreliable access to school and childcare. And some say the tight labor market has empowered workers to hold out for ever higher wages in ever more purposeful jobs.

But the best place to look for an explanation of the worker shortage is right over your shoulder: Big Brother.

While some of Big Brother’s most overt attempts at socialism have stalled, his methods for wreaking havoc on American lives through big-government policies have quietly continued unabated. The unemployment bonus which drove much of the initial worker shortage has already ended, and months have passed since the federal government sent the last stimulus checks, but these blatant efforts to promote dependency were never the only big-government attacks on work.

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