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High Unemployment Insurance Claims Are a Real Danger

Many in the now Democrat-controlled D.C. look at unemployment numbers and see a problem with an obvious solution—more funding for unemployment programs to meet the demand. Unfortunately, it’s a solution that’s also part of the problem.

When we peel back the curtains on unemployment, it’s no surprise that we see the states with the biggest rise in unemployment from week to week are generally states with the strictest lockdowns. A few of the largest increases in initial weekly unemployment claims come from perpetual shutdown states like Illinois, California, and New York.

Temporary and permanent closures of businesses, restaurants, and more, coupled with a high number of work refusals, are leading more and more Americans to turn to the government for financial support. Seeing this, we certainly should not continue to enable disastrous economic shutdowns by implementing or extending new unemployment boosts that won’t solve our problems. In fact, it will make our problems worse.

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