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Democrats’ welfare amnesia

Democrats used to believe in a commonsense welfare system, one that offers folks a hand when they truly need it but doesn’t trap them in lifelong dependency.

The ultimate goal being that individuals who fall on hard times eventually leave the welfare rolls, return to work, and pursue their American dream. Somewhere along the way, Democrats have forgotten what then-Sen. Joe Biden rightly observed: “Work should be the premise of our welfare system.”

Today, Democrats are digging in their heels. They continue to discourage work. With a disastrous $300-per-week federal unemployment insurance bonus and trillions in new federal spending, our economy is flailing. Inflation is sky-high, and we have 9.3 million open jobs sitting unfilled. Instead, millions of able-bodied people choose to sit at home and collect welfare. The White House now faces a stark reality: The economy isn’t bouncing back.

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