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Some of Our Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year… So Far

The first half of the year isn’t quite in the books yet, but there’s been plenty of excitement in the state capitols and the halls of power in Washington, D.C. so far in 2023. From research to polling to one-pagers to suing the federal government, the FGA blog aims to keep you informed on the all the latest.

Here are some of our most popular blog posts from an exciting start to 2023, in case you missed any.

Arkansas Removes Outdated Policy, Makes It Easier for Teens to Work

“With more than 11 million open jobs and businesses across the country desperate for workers, states should do everything they can to encourage those who can work to do so—especially eager young people who want some experience. States that delay the hiring process for teenage workers with youth work permits may be unintentionally cutting off a critical source of their workforce.”

President Biden is Wrong About ESG—Here’s Why

“Last week, President Biden vetoed a bill that would protect Americans’ hard-earned savings from being used to fund radical political agendas. The president’s reasoning for his veto is that prohibiting ESG criteria would ‘risk retirement savings’ and ‘jeopardize the hard-earned life savings of cops, firefighters, teachers, and other workers.’ To the contrary, it’s clear that the real risk lies with ESG itself. Here’s why:

South Carolina Is Taking a Stand Against ESG

“South Carolina is full of hardworking men and women who go to work each day, take care of their families, and save for retirement. But for individuals who invest in the state retirement system, that future is in jeopardy thanks to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in investing. That’s why the state’s treasurer and lawmakers are right to target this insidious, politically driven investment practice.”

The REINS Act Would Help Fight Inflation and Job-Killing Regulations

“But there’s a way to ‘rein in’ regulations and prevent regulatory overreach and its consequences: the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act. This would require Congress to approve major rules that would cost $100 million or more before federal agencies could implement them—returning power to elected officials and diminishing the power of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.”

Oklahoma Is Leading the Charge Against ESG

“Oklahoma is among the top oil and gas producers in the nation. Attempts to boycott the oil and gas industries could have a devastating effect on thousands of jobs in the Sooner State. That’s why the state’s governor, treasurer, and lawmakers are rightfully targeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.”

Alaska’s New Year’s Resolution: Repeal RCV

“A year of crazy elections in Alaska is finally in the rearview mirror. But without ridding the state of ranked-choice voting, this confusing and ill-advised vote counting system will continue to undermine the integrity Alaska’s elections and disenfranchise voters in the future.”

Five Reasons Wyoming Shouldn’t Expand Medicaid

“The Wyoming State Legislature is slated to consider Medicaid expansion yet again this session. But before policymakers get too far down the road toward embracing the new welfare program, here are five quick reasons to give lawmakers pause…”

How ESG Works (And Why It’s Bad News)

“When you invest your hard-earned dollars, you want—and should be able to—trust that the individuals managing your accounts will act in your best interests to achieve as high a return as possible. But with ESG—or environmental, social, and governance—criteria, investing is driven by a political agenda, not the best interests of investors. And that’s a huge problem.”

America is Ready to End the Public Health Emergency

“The era of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine guidelines has ended. Even President Biden declared the pandemic over. The urgency and uncertainty of early 2020 is nearly three years in the past. So why is our country still under a public health emergency? “

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