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Legal Director Stewart Whitson on the Glenn Beck Program: Biden’s DOJ Is a “Threat” to State Election Integrity

Yesterday, Stewart Whitson, legal director at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), was a guest on The Glenn Beck Program to highlight FGA v. DOJ—the ongoing legal battle to uncover the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) strategic plan to meddle in the upcoming midterm elections, which started with President Biden’s executive order last April.

Under pressure, DOJ sent out a vague press release that is nothing more than an attempt to bully states into undercutting their own election laws.

“This press release, in a nutshell, is a thinly veiled threat to conservative states that have passed new election integrity laws—especially ones related to poll watchers—and it’s basically saying, ‘Look, if you try to enforce these laws, if you try to carry out the poll watching activities … that the DOJ Civil Rights Division is going to come after them,” said Whitson.

FGA will remain on the forefront of this fight for accountability and transparency, including in the federal court system. The Biden administration must come clean with the American people.

In the audio player below, click “May Tuesday Be a Fair Fight” and listen to the full interview starting at marker 1:05!

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