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Policy Director Sam Adolphsen Talks Biden’s Medicaid “Trap” on American Family Radio

This week, Sam Adolphsen, policy director at the Foundation for Government Accountability, joined American Family Radio’s The Core with Walker Wildmon to discuss President Biden’s plans to turn Medicaid into a dependency trap.

“The Biden administration has used the pandemic to further their policy goals that they’ve had all along,” said Adolphsen. “So, they’ve taken Medicaid—the nation’s biggest welfare program—and they’ve hooked it to the public health emergency that they continue to reinstate, even as the president is saying the pandemic is over.”

Here’s what that means:

  • Everyone who is currently receiving Medicaid is “locked in,” and no state in the country can remove anyone from Medicaid—even if they are ineligible.
  • Now, there are tens of millions of people on a program meant for the truly needy who are not eligible, overburdening Medicaid to a near breaking point.
  • The Biden administration is doubling down with a new rule that will make it extraordinarily difficult for states to conduct eligibility checks, thereby furthering the problem.

Listen to the full interview below starting at minute marker 41!

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