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FGA v. DOJ – Exposing the “Bidenbucks” Scandal

Secure and fair elections are the bedrock of our government and our American way of life. 

But what happens when that bedrock principle goes up against a political party’s willingness to defy the law to retain power?

The answer—as we’re learning in real time from the Biden administration—is hiding documents, delay tactics, and a blatant disregard for taxpayer money and federal law.

That’s the heart of the ongoing scandal over “Bidenbucks”—the Biden administration’s effort to use taxpayer funds to take control of state elections. 

Back in March 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14019, vaguely titled “Promoting Access to Voting.” Hidden inside the executive order are federal directives that, if unchecked, could involve partisan federal agencies in voter registration and ultimately sway the results of elections for years to come.

In the summer of 2021, FGA filed Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests with the Biden administration to uncover:

  • How the federal government will force agencies to comply with the executive order
  • How the government is targeting specific would-be voters for voter registration
  • The extent of communications between the Biden administration and Demos—a leftist think tank that developed the blueprint for what would become President Biden’s Executive Order 14019.

The response from the administration? For 240 days, only silence.

This April, FGA filed a lawsuit demanding the Biden administration follow the law and respond to the FOIA request. The Wall Street Journal and Washington Examiner took note. A federal judge did too, setting a deadline of September 8 to produce documents. 

However, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) failed to turn over the specifically requested documents, and what documents they did provide were heavily redacted. FGA is continuing this ongoing legal struggle to seek accountability and responsiveness from our elected officials.

FGA is using FOIA requests to expose the Biden administration and court challenges to level the playing field. We’re committed to transparency and accountability.

Here’s the latest on FGA v. DOJ…

American Spectator: Tarren Bragdon and Stewart Whitson: What Is the Biden Admin Hiding on Federal Voter Mobilization?

Americans have good reason to wonder if the Biden administration is abusing its power in order to protect Democrats in November.

That’s what our organization discovered this month in our lawsuit against the Department of Justice. On Sept. 8, the DOJ ignored a court order to give us documents it’s required to share under federal law, and on Sept. 22 the DOJ told us that the public has no right to know what it may or may not do. But that’s absolutely false and anti-democratic.

The Wall Street Journal: Voter registration drive: What’s Biden hiding? 

“The administration’s stonewalling is an insult to Americans and a potential threat to election integrity. The president has no authority to push such voter registration and mobilization efforts and no right to withhold the details from the public. Americans deserve transparency and trust in the outcome of our elections.”

The Federalist: Why won’t Biden explain why he’s getting federal agencies to meddle in local elections? 

“To date, no federal agency has responded with the records we requested. What is the administration trying to hide? We’ve got an answer: Their silence is an attempt to get America to look the other way while they illegally involve themselves in state elections, which is far, far beyond the constitutional purview of the executive branch.”

FGA: Helping states fight back against Biden’s hostile takeover

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