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FGA’s Top 3 State-Level Wins in 2022

If you only look at Washington, D.C., you might think that our government is broken, bloated, and frustratingly out of touch. You wouldn’t be wrong. 

But there’s a lot more going on in America than just the federal level. In the state “laboratories of democracy,” you see balanced budgets, landmark reforms, and policy innovations that give plenty of reason for hope—and a roadmap for D.C. FGA played a part in close to 150 state reform wins last year, bringing the total count to more than 700 cumulative wins in 42 states since 2014. We worked directly with more than 400 state policymakers, and we’re not stopping now.

This year, with a newly empowered conservative majority in Congress, FGA is going to be working not only to continue to help like-minded states pass life-changing reforms, but work to bring those smart ideas from the states up to Washington, D.C. as well.

Here are some of FGA’s state-level highlights from 2022:

  1. Unemployment Reform: FGA tallied 31 separate wins in six different states in 2022 on unemployment reform. Oklahoma indexed UI benefits, Virginia cracked down on fraud, and Kentucky even overrode a governor’s veto to reform its UI system.
  2. Exposing ESGAs politically motivated ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing became more and more trendy, FGA helped support states fighting back. West Virginia and Florida led the way by refusing to do business with Wall Street firms that boycott the fossil fuel industry, giving real-world consequences to ESG virtue signaling.
  3. Election Reform: Following up on major reforms in 2021, FGA helped Missouri and South Carolina pass comprehensive reform packages of 13 and 18 reforms, respectively.

For more on how your state (or Congress!) can follow in the footsteps of major reform, check out the “Our Issues” and “States” tabs above.  


At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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