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FGA Applauds President Trump’s Expansion of Health Reimbursement Accounts

Today, the Trump administration announced a final rule that would allow employer-sponsored HRAs to fund the purchase of individual health insurance tax-free. Josh Archambault, senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, issued the following statement in response:

“As health insurance costs continue to climb, many small businesses cannot afford to offer health insurance to their employees. Since 2003, there has been an almost 30 percent drop in health insurance offer rates at companies with fewer than 100 employees. Today, the Trump administration is offering a creative solution to revolutionize health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and benefit employers and employees alike.”

“With this new rule, 800,000 employers could be encouraged to sponsor HRAs for their employees, helping more than 10 million workers purchase individual health coverage. By expanding the purchasing power of HRAs, the Trump administration is giving employers a better way to attract, retain, and take care of talent—while extending access to private insurance to millions of Americans, many of whom are currently uninsured.”


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