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election integrity

FGA Files Amicus Brief to Defend Kansas Election Integrity Law Against Legal Activism

“Good law is worth defending and the integrity of our elections is worth fighting for.”

NAPLES, FL—This week, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) filed an amicus brief in the 10thCircuit Court of Appeals case VoteAmerica, Inc. v. SchwabIn the amicus, FGA argues Kansas has a legitimate and rationally related interest in ensuring its election process is secure, orderly, and efficient. 

In 2021, Kansas passed House Bill 2332 (HB 2332) with the support of FGA’s partner organization, Opportunity Solutions Project. HB 2332 took several steps to improve election security, including banning the distribution of pre-filled absentee ballot applications by third parties—an exploited practice that created errors, anger, and additional work for election officials and confusion, as well as a loss of confidence among voters. 

“Elected representatives overruled a governor’s veto to enact a balanced election integrity reform that secures the absentee ballot process and make it easy to vote but hard to cheat in Kansas. This commonsense reform is being attacked by legal activists seeking to undermine safe, secure elections,” said Ryan Young, legal fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability. “FGA is pushing back alongside elected leaders in Kansas because good law is worth defending and the integrity of our elections is worth fighting for.”


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