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FGA Joins Legal Brief Pushing Back Against Biden’s Weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) As It Continues to Target the Administration’s Political Enemies

Naples, FL­­­  Yesterday, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) joined a coalition of groups and individuals in filing an amici curiae legal brief in support of the First Amendment rights of the Eagle Forum of Alabama. FGA finds the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) subpoena targeting this non-profit group to constitute a clear-cut example of executive branch bullying aimed at chilling the free speech rights of all groups that oppose the administration on important policy issues and is proud to stand up against this despicable action by DOJ. 

On August 9, 2022, after joining the Alabama-based case, currently titled, Boe, et al. v. Marshall, et al., DOJ subpoenaed five and a half years of private, constitutionally protected information from Eagle Forum of Alabama, a group that had strongly supported the legislation at issue in the case. The information subpoenaed included all private communications of the group with legislators or anyone else regarding the legislation at issue, along with every note, meeting minutes, letter, policy goals, strategy effort, speech, presentation materials, research, polling, drafts of the bill or its amendments, and other documents and communications. 

“The Biden administration has launched an intimidation campaign against a small non-profit group that has only one full-time employee. This is an effort to force the organization to exhaust its limited resources defending itself against the full force of the federal government,” stated FGA CEO and President Tarren Bragdon. “FGA will not sit idly by and watch as the Biden administration seeks to destroy its political enemies with a weaponized DOJ. FGA is proud to stand alongside the coalition of groups who are jointly filing this legal brief in defense of Eagle Forum of Alabama and the right of all people and groups to exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of government reprisal.”

Amicus signatories include:

Advancing American Freedom, Inc.

Alabama Center for Law and Liberty

America First Legal Foundation

American Family Association, Inc.

Americans United for Life

The Buckeye Institute

Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Center for Arizona Policy

Center for Family and Human Rights

Citizens United

Citizens United Foundation

The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternative

Concerned Women for America

Faith & Freedom Coalition

The Family Action Council of Tennessee, Inc.

The Foundation for Government Accountability

Foundation for Moral Law

Frontline Policy Council

Independent Women’s Forum

John Locke Foundation

Judicial Watch, Inc.

The Liberty Justice Center

Louisiana Family Forum

Manhattan Institute

Michigan Family Forum

Mountain States Legal Foundation

The National Right to Work Committee

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Parental Rights Foundation

Pennsylvania Family Council

Private Citizen

Protect Our Kids

Public Interest Legal Foundation

The Religious RoundTable, Inc.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

Tea Party Patriots Action, Inc.

Tennessee Eagle Forum

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Congressman Robert B. Aderholt 

Congressman Mo Brooks

Congressman Jerry L. Carl

Congressman Barry Moore 

Congressman Gary Palmer 

Congressman Mike Rogers 

Alabama Sen. T. Christopher Elliott

Alabama Sen. J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner

Alabama Rep. Chip Brown

Alabama Rep. Arnold Mooney

Alabama Rep. Matt Simpson

Alabama Rep. Tim R. Wadsworth

Caroline M. Aderholt

Allen Mendenhall

Hans von Spakovsky


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