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DOJ Has Until September 8 to Produce Documents Concerning Biden Administration Push to Expand Voter Registration and Participation

Is New Federal Program Fair and Neutral, or Biased to Help Democrats?

Naples, FL — The Foundation of Government Accountability (FGA), under the Freedom of Information Act, will begin to receive documents from the Department of Justice (DOJ) on September 8th that will reveal how the DOJ is complying with the Biden Administration`s Executive Order 14019, titled ‘Promoting Access to Voting’. 

The Executive Order, enacted in March 2021, requires the head of every federal agency to provide a strategic plan to the President`s Domestic Policy Advisor detailing how the agency will help increase voter registration and participation. The EO also requires that each federal agency, to the greatest extent possible, become a Voter Registration Agency if requested by a state.  

The FGA will receive both the DOJ`s strategic plan submitted to the White House, as well as the DOJ`s communications with states requesting the agency become a Voter Registration Agency. FGA originally requested these documents on July 30, 2021, over a year ago. Federal law requires agencies to respond to FOIA requests within 20 business days, and sometimes an additional 10, after receiving the request. 

The DOJ failed to respond, and the FGA filed a lawsuit on April 20, 2022. Two-hundred forty days after the FOIA request was initially submitted, a Federal District Court ruled in favor of the FGA on July 12, 2022. 

“Federal law is clear that the American people have a right to these public documents requested under FOIA detailing how the Department of Justice will newly operate within our elections,” said Tarren Bragdon, FGA President and CEO. “It is especially timely as midterm elections are approaching, and voters should know the full details of this unprecedented Executive Order. The public needs to know that this unparalleled federal effort is legal, neutral, non-partisan, and fair to all Americans and not using taxpayer money and federal bureaucrats to help one political party win.” 

 FGA will also receive documents from the DOJ pertaining to the DOJ`s communications with Demos, a left-leaning, self-interested voter advocacy organization that seeks to influence the Administration’s approach to elections. 

The first batch of documents will be sent over on September 8, followed by the second batch on September 13, and the entirety of the documents is scheduled to be received by FGA on October 13.


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