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FGA Applauds the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Defending the Constitutionality of Florida’s Election Integrity Law (SB 90) 

Naples, FL—Today, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order halting enforcement of a lower court’s ruling which had improperly found provisions of Florida’s election integrity law, SB 90, to be unconstitutional. The lower court’s order previously imposed preclearance on the state of Florida, an unprecedented and politically motivated move which would prevent the state from enacting any new laws or regulations governing aspects of Florida elections without a federal court’s approval. 

Thanks to the order issued by the 11th Circuit, Florida is now free to fully enforce its commonsense election laws in the upcoming election without hindrance. Though it is still early in the process, given the language and legal reasoning in this order, Florida should be confident that the lower court’s decision will be overturned.   

“This is a big victory for election integrity, not just in Florida, but across the country,” said Stewart Whitson, Legal Director at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). “This order represents an important step in the battle to keep preclearance from being resurrected and refashioned into a tool to oppose any meaningful election reforms that make it hard to cheat. By responding so quickly with such a forceful and well-reasoned order, the 11th Circuit has likely halted similar baseless lawsuits elsewhere across the country. But the fight is not over, and FGA will be fully engaged every step of the way.”


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