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Democrats flee vote on the will of the people to secure elections

My family and I moved from Texas to Georgia more than two years ago — and registering to vote in my new home state was among my top priorities as we settled in.

Despite this, my previous county of residence in Texas mailed me a voter registration confirmation form this week — to my address in Georgia — to confirm I’m still registered to vote in Texas. There’s no indication that the Elections Administration plans on doing anything more to verify my eligibility than taking my word for it. Truth be told, there’d really be nothing stopping me from voting in Texas as a Georgia resident other than my own conscience.

This is a problem. And it’s only one of many loopholes Republicans in Texas are trying to close — if only Democrat legislators would stop hopping private jets out to flee from their sworn oath to represent Texans.

Texas is currently trying to pass election integrity legislation that includes reforms such as banning less-secure voting practices (like drive-thru voting), requiring video surveillance of ballot storage areas and requiring more than a pinky promise from voters that they are still eligible (and living) residents of the state.

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