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Stacey Abrams’s ‘Hot Call Summer’ Bullies Americans into Bad Policy

Votes cast from the grave. Manipulation of the elderly. Zuckerberg payola. Burning drop boxes. Missing ballots. Double-voting. Election administrators arrested for fraud. And a full week of ballot counting.

Despite all of this, Stacey Abrams assures us that the only election fraud we need to worry about is that which cheated her out of her bid for Georgia Governor in 2018. It’s hypocrisy at its finest and, sadly, what we have come to expect from the Left.

In response to the numerous clear cases of fraud, states across the country have taken action to pass their own election integrity reforms. Measures like drop box security, banning private funding of election administrative offices, removing the dearly departed from voter rolls, and providing free IDs to voters are the commonsense steps leaders in the states are taking towards restoring trust in local elections and those who are subsequently elected.

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