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Federal Election ‘Reform’ Threatens Anti-Fraud Efforts Across the Country

A month into a presidency that started with a contentious election, the House will soon begin consideration of election legislation that would do far-reaching damage to the integrity of America’s elections and Americans’ confidence in our government.

I’m not going to mince my words here. This legislation, the poorly named For the People Act, is an assault on free speech and representative government that could effectively silence half the country and lead us to one-party rule for generations. It would strip power away from the states to run their own election process. By forcing states to take on early voting, no-fault absentee balloting, and wide-sweeping voter registration changes, Congress would be wiping away years of hard work on the local level to ensure every eligible vote is counted and every eligible vote counts.

It’s no doubt that this legislation is a priority — Congress gave it pride of place with the bill number HR 1. And with it comes a public relations campaign of smearing any resistance and any work at the state level to crack down on loopholes and lax laws that erode election integrity as “taking away people’s votes.” But theirs is a misplaced priority because nothing takes away people’s votes like voter fraud.

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