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Stimulus Through Budget Reconciliation Will Cripple Economy, Set a Dangerous Precedent

For anyone who thought a change in the administration would bring a speedy end to the COVID-19 crisis, think again. President Biden himself has suggested things won’t be back to normal until Christmas—still another 10 months away. But while the Biden administration’s vaccine rollout may be slow moving, Democrats certainly aren’t dragging their feet when it comes to implementing their own leftist agenda. In fact, some might say they are taking advantage of the pandemic as a means to push it.

Democrats are taking up the next COVID-19 recovery bill—a so-called stimulus for an economy that’s been trashed by forced economic shutdowns. But it’s rapidly become clear that the bill, which is being prepared to move through the budget reconciliation process, is chock full of progressive priorities that will change our economic outlook—and the role of government in our lives—for generations. Democrats know that, thanks to the process’s limited terms of debate, reconciliation is their first chance to advance these policies through a simple majority vote. And they’re not losing any time taking advantage of it.

While another round of stimulus checks for American families may be at the forefront of the next stimulus bill, close behind these direct payments is a laundry list of policies that will debilitate American businesses and workers and hurl more Americans into permanent dependency on government programs.

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