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5 Myths About Arkansas’s Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients, Debunked

Arkansas is the only state in the country that’s currently implementing commonsense Medicaid work requirements, although more than a dozen states are headed in that direction. Under this policy, able-bodied adults who are subject to the work requirement can choose to not work, train, or volunteer for up to three months before losing their taxpayer-funded benefits. If they make that choice, they are temporarily removed from the program but can come back the next calendar year with no repercussions.

Just last week, the first batch of folks who refused to meet the requirements were removed from the program. It’s a relatively small number—less than 2 percent of the Medicaid expansion population—but according to the narrative being pushed by welfare advocates, the world is ending. The reality is that here in Arkansas things are just fine, and there are a lot of important details the scare tacticians aren’t sharing.

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