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Tarren Bragdon: Trump’s budget: America works when people on welfare work

By including welfare reforms in his proposed 2020 budget, President Trump is sending a strong signal to Congress, federal agencies, state leaders and Americans alike that America only works when its people work.

The reforms are needed: we have a crisis of folks not working in this country. Despite record-low unemployment, millions are missing out on the benefits – both financial and otherwise – of work. The labor force participation rate still sits at just 63 percent – three points lower than at the start of the Great Recession in 2008. And nowhere is this economic paradox more apparent than in the welfare system, where millions of able-bodied adults have been sitting on the sidelines.

A record-high 28 million able-bodied adults are on Medicaid today, and most are not working at all. Likewise, the number of able-bodied adults on food stamps remains near record highs, with just eight percent of those able-bodied adults working full-time jobs.

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