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Idaho Considers What Could Be the Worst Obamacare Plan Yet

After rightly rejecting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion for several years, Idaho officials have now concocted a new version of Obamacare expansion. While some supporters have rallied around the plan’s uniqueness, it’s important to examine exactly what distinguishes this expansion plan from the rest: It’s worse.

First, the truly needy already qualify for Medicaid in Idaho. Supporters of Idaho’s Obamacare plan want the public to believe that this plan is essential to the survival of Idaho’s neediest residents. But the truly needy already qualify for Medicaid in the Gem State.

Idaho’s Medicaid program already covers low-income kids, pregnant women, seniors, individuals with disabilities, women with certain types of cancer, individuals who require home-based and community-based care, individuals in mental hospitals, low-income parents, infants of Medicaid-eligible pregnant women, and more.

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