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There are 9.3 million open jobs in America—a brand-new record.

Just last month, there were more than 8.1 million open jobs. In only a few weeks, a million-plus open jobs have cropped up. The Biden administration is ignoring the unfolding hiring crisis, even after the second month in a row of weak jobs growth.

We all know why: The $300 unemployment boost, combined with other welfare-for-all-policies, is keeping workers on the sidelines. Around 73 percent of small businesses are having difficulty hiring new workers.

The unemployment boost is also creating a crisis in unemployment fraud in America. That’s the focus of our brand-new research paper—released today!—that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Our research team dove deep into the billions of dollars of fraud that have become rampant thanks to the unemployment bonus. These numbers are startling.

This kind of fraud doesn’t only hurt taxpayers—it makes it more difficult for small businesses to find workers. That’s why we recently filmed an incredible testimonial by a small businesswoman in South Carolina, who is struggling to hire staff for her restaurant, Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles.

You have to check this out:

Kiki doesn’t hold back: “Any restaurant you go to right now is hiring. Any other business right now is hiring. Get out and get a job.” You don’t want to miss her story.

We also just released an interview with South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on the policies he’s implemented to get workers back on the job. Watch it here:

Like many governors, Gov. McMaster has opted out of the federal unemployment bonus. In fact, more than half of states have opted out of the bonus program. If you want to see which states have opted out, you can check out our opt-out tracker map.

We’ve also expanded our lineup of one-pagers on how the unemployment bonus hurts individual state economies. Check them out!

New Hampshire
West Virginia

We’ll keep bringing you new research all summer on Biden’s disastrous welfare policies and what states are doing to fight back.

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