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Want to Keep Hospitals Open? Don’t Expand Medicaid!

Medicaid expansion advocates like to throw around lofty claims about the benefits of expansion, including that it will “save” rural hospitals

Unfortunately, like budgets, enrollment predictions, and waiting lists, the reality of Medicaid expansion is far from the utopia envisioned by pro-expansion advocates. 

A new research paper by FGA’s Hayden Dublois highlights what has happened to America’s hospitals in the nearly 10 years since Medicaid expansion started under ObamaCare:

“New information on hospital closures between 2014 and 2022 reveals an unfortunate but harsh reality: Expansion has failed to save hospitals from closure. From Arizona to Arkansas, and from Washington to West Virginia, nearly 50 hospitals—including more than a dozen rural hospitals—shut their doors after Medicaid expansion was implemented, despite the assurances of advocates.”

Click here to read the full paper. And click here to read the Daily Caller’s coverage of this paper. 


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