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War on Work Newsletter—5.21.2021

The Left is waging a War on Work in America. President Biden’s welfare-for-all agenda is devastating our economy and signing people up for a life of dependency. Small businesses across the country are struggling to hire workers.

The Biden administration is discouraging work every chance it gets, even when the COVID-19 pandemic is ending and many states are fully opening back up.

FGA wants to keep you up to date with new data and analysis to fight back against the Left’s War on Work. This regular newsletter will share our latest research and polling to set the record straight that more government spending is NOT necessary.

Our brand-new research is a good start. Our policy team just released original analysis showing how the Biden UI bonus, stacked on top of other welfare programs, is incentivizing people to stay home and not work.

You’ll want to see these numbers—they may surprise you.

Right now, Americans can receive up to $3,700 a month in unemployment and other cash benefits to stay home.

That’s more than $44,000 a year—to not work!

Check out our latest research now.

We also just launched a new interactive map that shows every state that’s opted out of the Biden UI bonus here. More than 20 states have said NO to more welfare, and YES to work!

Want to see how much it pays to work in each of these states?  Take a look!





West Virginia


If you’d like any more information or research on how best to combat the Left’s War on Work, please feel free to contact me directly.

Let’s Get America Back to Work!

P.S. If you miss any War on Work updates or want to refer back to any material we’ve sent, you can check out our War on Work page!

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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