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“Well, Do Something About It!” Fighting Fraud in Food Stamps with Greg Matthews

“A few bad apples, a few bad seeds, really ruin the program for those who need these benefits.”

Program Integrity Investigator Greg Matthews

As a program integrity investigator in North Carolina, Greg Matthews has seen the full range of scams and fraud perpetrated on the taxpayers. He’s seen stores blatantly accept cash payments from customers to look the other way on fraud, then turn around and claim a reimbursement from the federal government on the same transaction. He’s seen EBT skimming with devices placed on card scanners, and food stamp recipients claiming benefits from multiple states at the same time. Here’s the good news: There are proven ways states and the federal government can fight back—today. Read more for the latest research and ideas on how to strengthen the food stamp program and crack down on fraud in the Farm Bill.

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