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James Whitford: Work is Vital

When James Whitford first began his ministry 17 years ago in “one very small room”, he didn’t imagine that he would one day have incredible impact, meeting nearly 20,000 needs every year. But that’s exactly what happened. His ministry, Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission, approaches charity in a unique manner by believing that simply providing handouts to those in need creates a trap of dependency.

Watered Gardens boldly asks residents to give up their food stamp cards and government housing and then teaches them how to become fully self-reliant. The staff help lift individuals from poverty by building their confidence and skill sets to help them to find employment and housing in a transformation process that Whitford describes as “the most encouraging thing you could ever be a part of.”

It is the hallmark of what FGA believes is possible when you allow work to lead individuals to independent lives free from government dependence. Watch as James Whitford shares the inspirational story of how Watered Gardens Rescue Mission helps restore dignity and hope through the amazing power of work.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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