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Empowering Others Through Work: Jocelyn Brisson, Shelter Director, Watered Gardens Ministries

“It’s all about encouragement… it’s all about showing people that there’s hope in life. You don’t have to stay down in the gutter anymore… you are worth something.”

jocelyn Brisson, Shelter Director, Watered Gardens Ministries

For Jocelyn Brisson, government assistance was her safety net. She experienced homelessness for most of her adult life, struggled with addiction, and spent time in jail. But she found a new outlook on life when she was sentenced to community service hours at Watered Gardens Ministries, a non-government-funded ministry in Missouri dedicated to empowering individuals to leave the cycle of dependency and achieve self-sufficiency through work.

Here, Jocelyn shares her story of overcoming her fears and finding purpose. After completing her community service hours at Watered Gardens, she broke the cycle of welfare dependency and addiction. Jocelyn graduated from college and now works as the Shelter Director at Watered Gardens, where she says her mission in life is to provide encouragement and hope to participants in the ministry’s programs.

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