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Virtual Briefing—Medicaid and COVID-19

The Galen Institute and the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) host a virtual briefing with Brian Blase, Senior Research Fellow with both Galen and FGA, and Sam Adolphsen, Policy Director of FGA, on how Congress can help states reopen their economies and get people back to work.

Dr. Blase served as a special assistant to President Trump at the National Economic Council from 2017-2019. Sam Adolphsen served as Chief Operating Officer for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services under former Governor Paul LePage. States are in a tough fiscal spot due to COVID-19’s impact on their economies and budgets. It’s important that any future relief legislation from Congress is focused, temporary, and doesn’t create a cascade of new problems.

These two policy experts share their recommendations for how Congress can provide both relief and flexibility to states as well as what they should avoid.

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