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A real Inflation Reduction Act for Arkansas with State Rep. David Ray

“Hardworking taxpayers that just go to work every day, work hard, live their life, go to church, take their kids to t-ball practice, they need people like me and like my colleagues fighting for them at the Capitol. If we don’t fight for them, nobody else will.”

– Rep. David Ray

States know better than Congress, especially when it comes to spending your tax dollars. That’s a big part of why Rep. David Ray introduced his “Inflation Reduction Act” in Arkansas—not the big-spending, tax-hiking, insider giveaway that Congress passed, but a bill that will actually improve inflation and help Arkansans keep more of their hard-earned money.

Watch to learn more about the legislation, other top priorities like education opportunity, and why Rep. Ray ran for the legislature in the first place. For more on how FGA is helping to make government smaller and less costly in the state of Arkansas, visit our Arkansas page.

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