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“Real Money in a Hurry”: The People Who Pay the Most for Inflation

“The harshest impact of what we’re seeing with inflation is… the people that are living paycheck to paycheck or on a pension. That’s the people that I think are being impacted the most.”

Ray Fertig-Commercial contractor

When the media talks about “inflation” (when it talks about it at all), it’s presented in dry, abstract terms that mask the real damage to families and small businesses. Ray Fertig, a commercial contractor in Wyoming, sees the damage inflicted by inflation both at work and on the people around him, especially those living paycheck to paycheck.

For small businesses and builders, inflation means costs rising eight to 10 percent, month after month, outpacing the bids given for contractor work. At home, the money in your paycheck doesn’t keep pace with what it costs to buy a new house, a vehicle, groceries, or even your utility bill. For more on inflation in Wyoming and around the country, click here!

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