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FGA Applauds House and Senate Republicans for Combating Fraud and Encouraging Work

Naples, FL– This week House and Senate Republicans introduced a slew of legislation that collectively sends a needed message: America is on the rebound. These bills seek to combat unemployment fraud, revitalize the economy, address the labor shortage, support small businesses, and encourage a return to work through commonsense policy changes.

The Get Americans Back to Work Act, sponsored by Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS), and the Return to Work Act, sponsored by Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) both seek to end the $300 per week enhanced federal unemployment bonus. Currently, 22 states have already opted out of these boosted benefits, signaling a need to end the benefits sooner than September.

The Combatting COVID Unemployment Fraud Act, sponsored by House Ways and Means Ranking Member Kevin Brady (R-TX), would institute identity verification for unemployment enrollees and incentivize states to recoup fraudulent payments.

The Help Wanted Act, sponsored by Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY), seeks to reinstate paused unemployment work search requirements, end the CARES Act provision which allowed individuals who voluntarily left their jobs to collect unemployment, and clarifies work denial language regarding COVID-19 safety. 

Lastly, the Jump Start the Economy Through Jobs Act, sponsored by Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) directs state and federal agencies to crosscheck unemployment recipient data with employer data, ensuring recipients who have been collecting unemployment for over 30 weeks are still eligible for the program. 

“Americans can now collect far more in unemployment and other welfare benefits by staying at home than they can working. Congressional Republicans have noticed, and have taken a stand against disincentives to work,” said Robin Walker, Senior Director of Federal Affairs. “We cannot continue to have millions of Americans sitting on the sidelines with over 8 million open jobs; our economy is back on track and our laws should reflect that.” 


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