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New Homes in Florida Are (Literally) Through the Roof Due to Permitting Reform

Naples, FL—Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) released a new paper titled, “Fast Track to Success: How Florida Has Streamlined Its Permitting Process to Cut Red Tape and Expand Housing.” The report finds that by reforming its permitting process, Florida was able to sidestep the inventory and approval problems that can occur with massive increases in demand for housing. Overall, Florida’s permitting reform has reduced wait times, deterred localities from dragging their feet on approvals, and encouraged permitting entities to become more efficient.

Florida is a national leader in economic growth due to a variety of factors like its anti-lockdown approach to COVID-19 and having no income tax. The state’s pro-freedom policies have attracted hundreds of thousands of new residents, boosting the demand for housing. In fact, more than 213,000 building permits for housing units were issued in Florida in 2021—an astonishing 30 percent jump from 2020.

To foster its incredible economic growth and population boom, Florida’s new streamlined permitting process holds localities accountable and puts more money in the hands of new homeowners.

“In this report, the FGA validates the Florida House’s effort to reduce red tape and increase transparency for building permits through House Bill 1059,” said Speaker Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor). “Through our efforts, Florida residents have seen 30 percent more permits issued, with faster processing time, saving applicants thousands of dollars.”

“Florida has been an example for other states on a variety of fronts over the past four years and their permitting reforms for housing is another shining example of Governor Desantis’s success,” said Hayden Dublois, Data and Analytics Director for FGA and the author of the paper. “Through their pro-freedom, anti-bureaucracy approach to housing permits, Floridians and new residents have adequate housing options, lower costs to build, and less waiting for new construction to be move-in ready. Other states would greatly benefit from emulating Florida’s new housing permitting approach.”


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