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President Trump’s Health Vision Leaves Americans Better Choices and More Affordable Care

On Thursday evening, President Trump spoke about his health care accomplishments and invited the American people to share in his vision for his second term, which he has coined the American First Health Care Plan.

The president’s work on health care so far has helped tremendously to assuage voters’ fears about skyrocketing premiums and unexpected medical bills. Key to this has been offering affordable alternatives to rigid, pricey ObamaCare plans. President Trump expanded access to association health plans, which allow small business owners to band together to buy insurance like one big company—at a significantly reduced cost. These plans could lower premiums for more than four million Americans and encourage entrepreneurship during a time when Americans desperately need entrepreneurs to create jobs and bring our economy roaring back to life.

He also increased the availability of short-term health plans, which cost 50 to 80 percent less than individual market plans. And they’re working exceedingly well for people who find themselves between jobs or starting a new business.

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