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States must stand up against the Biden takeover of elections

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Independence Day, a day to remember our national values of freedom and self-governance. But while families everywhere were firing up the grill and watching firework displays, few realized that a government-sponsored attempt to undermine our free and fair elections was already underfoot.

President Biden’s agenda — to infiltrate state-run elections with a bureaucratic “get-out-the-vote” scheme — came about last year when he issued Executive Order 14019. The unprecedented executive order, which directs federal agencies to adopt and execute plans to expand voter registration and voter participation, contained few details, but left little to the imagination. An administration seeking to stop the anticipated red wave in November would do well to have a Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign at every intersection the federal government has with American citizens. 

There’s only one problem with this plan: It’s unconstitutional.  

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