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Democrats Aren’t Talking Truth on HR4

There is no shortage of problems for Congress to fix. Crime rates are rising in American cities, inflation is driving prices skyward, and our departure from Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster. Trust in government is near historic lows. But rather than fix these problems, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s go-to solution is the same as it has always been: Stir up drama, spend more money, and deepen political divisions.

This time, Pelosi’s most pressing issue—so pressing that she needed to fly the House back to Washington—is to pressure colleagues to pass massive budget and infrastructure bills, and to push through an unpopular election bill that will give the federal government more ways to bully the American people.

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4) is the House Democrats’ latest attempt to override state election reforms by giving the federal government power over local polling place locations, voter ID requirements, maintenance of voter rolls, and more. The bill has nothing to do with expanding access to voting and everything to do with federalizing elections and pushing back against the 18 states that have passed commonsense reforms following the 2020 election.

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