For States, ObamaCare’s Day of Reckoning is Here


It’s offExpensive healthcare concept, caduceus on US moneyicially 2017. A new year, full of new beginnings and opportunities. But for taxpayers and the truly vulnerable in ObamaCare expansion states, it’s the continuation (and acceleration) of a nightmare. As of January 1, states are on the hook for 5 percent of the expansion’s costs. And with more enrollees than states expected to ever enroll, this fiscal nightmare will be even worse than expected, putting taxpayers and the truly needy at even greater risk.

Under ObamaCare, states have the option to expand their Medicaid welfare programs to a new group – non-disabled adults, ages 19 to 64 years old, the vast majority of whom are childless.

This expansion fundamentally changes Medicaid from a safety net program for the aged, blind, and disabled into a welfare trap for able-bodied adults. And this transformation puts Medicaid’s intended beneficiaries – the truly vulnerable – at risk, because every dollar that’s spent on non-disabled adults is a dollar that can’t be spent on those who truly need help.