Unwinding ObamaCare could make Arkansas a model for the nation


When Arkansas legislators and then-Governor Mike Beebe expanded Medicaid to able-bodied adults through ObamaCare, supporters claimed their plan was something other states were closely watching and, before it was even implemented, was serving as a national model. What unfolded, however, was a fiscal and moral disaster that no other state dares to fully replicate.

Recent reports indicate that Arkansas ObamaCare experiment is nearly twice as expensive per-person as a conventional Medicaid expansionwould have been. If that weren’t bad enough, more able-bodied adults signed up for this welfare expansion than state officials promised would ever even be eligible.

Now as state taxpayers begin feeling the brunt of budget shortfalls and skyrocketing enrollment, one Arkansas lawmaker is working to stop the bleeding.

Rep. Josh Miller (R-Ark.) has filed legislation that, if enacted, would seek a waiver from the Trump administration to stop new ObamaCare expansion enrollment. As long as current enrollees maintain their eligibility, they would be allowed to stay on the program. However, the front door to the program would close and no new enrollees would be able to sign up.