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Why the REINS Act?

The One Thing:

The REINS Act would be the most transformative policy change for taxpayers and job creators

The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, also known as the REINS Act, is a legislative proposal designed to restrain the administrative state by amending the Congressional Review Act (CRA) of 1996.

What does the REINS Act do?

The REINS Act would broaden the CRA to require congressional approval of major rules, guidance, and other executive actions—those with an annual price tag of $100 million or more—before federal agencies could implement them.

Congress is not only permitted—but also constitutionally required—to decide major questions of nationwide policy. The REINS Act would bolster that mandate by approving costly executive actions before they go into effect.

Voters want it!

Voters overwhelmingly support requiring bureaucratic agencies to gain congressional approval for new rules that will cost $100 million or more.

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