Updated ObamaCare Enrollment Map Confirms Dismal Outcomes



NAPLES, FLORIDA – The Foundation for Government Accountability’s (FGA) up-to-date interactive ObamaCare Enrollment Map at www.UncoverObamaCare.com tells a much different story about the success—or lack thereof—the Obama Administration has had in convincing Americans to enroll in ObamaCare exchange plans.

Based on federally-reported outcomes released this week of the first month of open enrollment, just 2 percent of the roughly 7 million Americans the Obama Administration expects to enroll by 2014 have selected a plan, or just 141,000. This does not mean that number of Americans will be covered by the plan they select, however, as coverage will not begin until the first month’s premium is paid. For coverage beginning January 1, 2014, premiums must be paid December 15, 2013.

Just 267 people, all from Rhode Island, have reportedly paid for the first month of ObamaCare exchange coverage.

The White House has pointed to the 1.8 million accounts created on healthcare.gov as a sign of success. Individuals must create an account to begin the process of selecting an exchange plan. Just 8 percent of those creating an account have selected a plan (140,000 out of 8 million). If this poor trend continues, in order for the Obama Administration to meet its expected enrollment, about 90.4 million Americans will have to create a healthcare.gov account—about ten million more people than the entire population of Germany.

“The White House wants to focus on the shiny object of the number of accounts created so it can continue to ignore just how colossal a failure ObamaCare has become,” explained FGA Chief Executive Officer Tarren Bragdon. “Would a national retailer consider it a successful month if 1.8 million people walked through the door, but only 140,000 of them actually put something in their shopping cart? Lots of people may be looking around on healthcare.gov, but they don’t seem to like what they’re seeing and aren’t buying what ObamaCare is selling.”

Other facts discerned from the updated ObamaCare enrollment outcomes:

  • In 31 states, fewer than 1,000 people selected an ObamaCare exchange plan
  • Less than 8 percent of Americans who created an account on healthcare.gov actually selected a plan
  • In the state with the most accounts created, California, only 203,904 ObamaCare accounts were created in a state with a population of more than 37 million

To access the interactive ObamaCare Enrollment Map and other research related to ObamaCare, visit www.UncoverObamaCare.com.