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FGA legislative award

Pennsylvania State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill Named FGA Legislative Champion

Naples, FL—The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) presented Pennsylvania State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill with its Legislative Champion Award.

Sen. Phillips-Hill is a fearless advocate on matters ranging from sound budgeting, to child support cooperation enforcement, to keeping the Commonwealth’s welfare programs free from waste and abuse. Additionally, she consistently demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that government programs and regulations are transparent so that all Pennsylvanians not only receive what they need, but also know what impact their government has on their daily lives.

“Sen. Phillips-Hill is an invaluable partner, not only for her colleagues and non-profits, but also for the people of Pennsylvania,” said Joe Horvath, state government affairs director at FGA. “Her tireless efforts, incisive analysis of the issues, and unmatched integrity set an example for policymakers across the nation.”

FGA’s Legislative Champion Award recognizes a national leader and policymaker who advances legislation that reduces barriers to work and promotes self-sufficiency and dignity for individuals and families.

Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill


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