New Research Highlights Need for Federal Disability Reform


Naples, FL — A new study released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlights weaknesses within the federal disability system and underscores the need for reforms that empower those with manageable work limitations to reach their full potential.

Disability insurance enrollment is rising at an alarming rate, destabilizing the program and putting it just one bad economy away from insolvency. While states continue to push those with manageable work limitations from state welfare rolls onto federal disability programs, more individuals who could work in the modern economy are being shuffled into government dependency—and resources for the truly needy are being put at risk as a result.

“Despite medical advancements, changes in the workforce, and laws that prohibit workplace discrimination against those with disabilities, more individuals with manageable work limitations remain trapped in dependency,” said Greg George, Senior Research Fellow at FGA. “In 2018, we should expect better for those who have the ability to participate in our economy to any degree.”

The full study can be read here.


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