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New Polling Shows Florida Voters Support Governor DeSantis Law Enforcement Recruitment Initiatives

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his plans to support, recruit and award Florida’s law enforcement officers. Recent polling by the Center for Excellence in Polling, a project of the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), shows Floridians strongly support his proposals. The poll found that 62 percent of Floridians polled consider responding to law enforcement shortages very important to maintaining public safety and lowering crime rates. Additionally, 70 percent supported expanding work-study programs in law enforcement to help students pay for college, and 58 percent support offering full scholarships for Florida law enforcement academy programs at state colleges and technical schools. The full poll results can be found here.

“I’m proud to live in the state of Florida where leaders like Gov. DeSantis are implementing new initiatives to protect our communities and families,” said FGA President and CEO Tarren Bragdon. “Florida voters clearly agree with me that Florida is a great location to live, work, and raise a family. Let’s continue to attract top talent and let others in on all that Florida has to offer.” 


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