FGA Applauds OK Governor’s Rejection of Medicaid Expansion


Naples, FL — After Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt vetoed SB 1046, which would have funded most of the state’s planned Medicaid expansion, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) issued the following statement:

“We applaud Gov. Stitt’s decision to preserve limited taxpayer-funded resources for the truly needy. Experience from other states has shown that once a state expands Medicaid, cost overruns, over enrollment, and program fraud all quickly follow,” said Gregg Pfister, government affairs director at FGA. “It would be shortsighted for Oklahoma to commit taxpayers to a massive unfunded mandate, especially in the midst of our current economic climate.”


The Foundation for Government Accountability is a non-profit, multi-state think tank that specializes in health care, welfare, and work reform. To learn more, visit TheFGA.org.